Craft Room Ideas: 10 Inspo-Worthy Craft Rooms

Craft Room Ideas For Every Space

In need of craft room ideas? Is organizing your craft room on your growing list of things to do? Having an organized and nicely decorated workspace can also help you become more productive, creative, and it can give you a sense of calm. So here’s a list of ideas that will help you to decide which kind of craft room decor you should go for.

1. Bright Yellow

Craft Room Ideas

Brighten up your craft room with this happy color. It will stimulate your mental activity and give the room that punch of color you know it needs. Choose one hero piece for your room & decorate everything else around that. You can’t go wrong.

2. A Splash of Blue

Craft Room Ideas

Lovin’ any shade of blue? Us too! Add some splashes of blue to your room & keep everything else simple. Place your craft essentials in your trolleys and drawers to keep the room clean and neat, and don’t forget to add a carpet that compliments your color choice.

3. Craft Closet

Craft Room Ideas

Are you short on space and only have a cupboard to put all your craft materials in? Organize a craft closet and give everything a place so that you’re never embarrassed to open it. Don’t you just love this idea? We know we do!

4. The Feature Cabinet

Craft Room Ideas

Maximize that little corner of your craft room by displaying your craft items in this grid shelving unit. This is one of the craft room cabinets that make a great backdrop for a beautiful photoshoot. Plus, you won’t have to open drawers or tubs to find what you need.

5. Cute and Colourful Craft Room

Craft Room Ideas

Now isn’t this corner so cute with all the colorful embroidery essentials, and artistic wall frames that make up your craft room decor? Creating your own unique wall art can be as simple as adding some colorful fabric to an embroidery hoop. Time to do more fun crafts!

6. The Space Under the Stairs

Craft Room Ideas

This DIY craft room might just be perfect for you! Put up a mini craft cabinet under the stairs and place all of your craft essentials in there. Add a slimline craft table for you to work on and a small chair to make crafting more space-efficient for you. Good things come in small packages, right?

7. Multi-use Craft Space

Craft Room Ideas

Multitasking never seemed so easy, but with this craft room organization idea, you’re getting all your work done in one place. It’s teeny-tiny, but it works! Keep your craft kits organized in your wall cupboards and sit on the floor to utilize that big coffee table as a making space. Don’t let your small space stop you from creating.

8. Sewing and Office Room

Craft Room Ideas

This is another one on the list of multi-use craft room designs that you should go for if you want to maximize your use of space. A long bench is an answer to dividing your room into two useful workspaces. One for your actual paid work, and the other for your crafting & creating. It’s magic.

9. Monochromatic Room

Craft Room Ideas

Keep your craft supplies organized and neat-looking with this monochromatic craft room pegboard. With this little productive crafting space, you will not have to go anywhere to grab your crafting essentials. How time-efficient, right? 

10. Chalkwall Room

A pegboard and a chalkboard are great craft room organization ideas that add rustic chic flair to your craft room. The chalkboard will help you to schedule your craft life with your home life. Remember to keep it updated. Now, which crafts do you need to finish this week?

Need more Craft Room Ideas for Decor and Storage?

Check out our articles on DIY Vase Painting and Butterfly Art Using Paint Swatches for additional decor inspo for your craft room. Share your craft room ideas with us too. We would love to see your creativity. Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook or Instagram – we might just feature them in one of our blogs.

Organizing Your Craft Supplies and Other Craft Room Storage?

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