DIY Home Command Center Ideas

10 DIY Home Command Center Ideas That Will Make Your Life Easier

Gear up for the New Year! Refresh your space with these easy DIY Home Command Center Ideas to get your mom life organized. Give these clever home command center ideas a spin and create one that resonates with your personality and family’s lifestyle.

1. Bright and Happy

Home Command Center for Kids
Image Credits: Uniquely Taylor Made

Create a spot for your kids’ everyday essentials. Choose a fun patterned-theme for your DIY home command center, and make it a happy corner they will all love!

2. Behind Closed Doors

Image Credits: The Happy Housie Porch

Wondering how to make a home command center with your small space? Utilize a spare closet and design your space according to your needs. Add a pop of color and personalize your space with some photos, too. The best part? You can hide every little mess (if  any) behind those closet doors. Whew!

3. Wall Encounter

Image Credits: The Caldwell Project

Sort everything out from menu planners, schedulers, to pen and pencils, and even coupons and vouchers in just one space. Get your inspiration from DIY command center ideas for home. Keep it neat and clean against a white wall. It saves space and is pleasing to the eyes. OC mom approved!

4. Fridge Advantage

Don’t be limited with just floor space. Go vertical! Consider using your fridge when thinking about how to make a home command center. Find a planner and a small organizer with magnets, et voila–you’ve got everything within reach!

5. Cool School 

Image Credits: The 36th Avenue

Sort out all your home and school stuff  with a fun home command center design. It makes keeping up with your schedule and to-do lists super easy!

6. Framed Up

Image Credits: How To Nest For Less

When creating a home command center, you want to steer clear of any mess. Put everything up on a wall in your kitchen. A big calendar and supply organizers will do the trick to keep everything neat and simple. Label them and you’re good to go.

7. Chalkboard Fun

Image Credits: The Colored Door

Make your DIY home command center fun with a chalkboard panel. Get your kids to do some artwork on it and give them access to their designated clipboards, too.

8. Your Wire & Only

Image Credits: One Creative Housewife

Say goodbye, boring blank wall, and hello well-organized life! Have a wall to yourselves for your Command Center home organization! Get those frames up, add a calendar, whiteboard, and wire baskets to organize all your papers, mail, and other supplies.

9. Secret Space

Image Credits: Just a Girl Blog

Find any corner or cabinet at home and turn it into your drop zone. It’s a sneaky little way to create a DIY home commander center. All you need is a pegboard, some bins, and folders to get your small space organized.

10. Geeky Modern Sleek

Image Credits: Sunny Circle Studio

If sleek is more your aesthetic, you’ll love this home office command center where they’ve created an accent wall and made it into a focal point. Add well-curated pieces to get your command center looking stylish yet very functional.

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