4th of July Desserts: 11 Patriotic Desserts

Star-Spangled Sweets and More

4th of July Desserts in Red, White, and Blue are patriotic desserts that remind you of your American pride. We’ve got 11 4th of July desserts that are super easy to make for your 4th of July celebrations! Serve these amazingly yummy desserts that are perfect for any American holiday!

1. American Stripes

4th of July Desserts

Want to make super quick easy patriotic desserts for the 4th of July? All you need are your fruits, whip, and jello! Layer them on to make those flag stripes!

2. Tribute Trail Mix

4th of July Desserts

Here’s one of the easiest 4th of July food ideas you can prepare for your 4th of July celebration. Make a trail mix bowl! Just throw in those red and blue M&M’s, white marshmallows with your candy-coated cereal. Salute to your patriotic trail mix!

3. Stars and Stripes on A Stick

4th of July Desserts

Turn an easy and yummy dessert into one of those fourth of July dessert ideas by dressing your frozen bananas in red, white, and blue stripes and sprinkles!

4. Patriotic Donuts

4th of July Desserts

These 4th of July donuts are screaming with American pride in stars and stripes! Perfect to celebrate for the bold and the brave!

5. American Dream Cake

4th of July Desserts

This is what the taste of home looks like in a 4th of July cake! It’s a moist cake made with red and blue jello, and whip! Simple yet oh so yummy!!!

6. American Macarons

4th of July Desserts

Bite-sized but full of pride in red, white, and blue! These delectable cheesecake macarons should definitely be on your 4th of July menu

7. Firecracker Popcorn

4th of July Desserts

Celebrate the 4th of July with a simple yet easy-to-make 4th of July food to serve for your BBQ backyard party. Glazed popcorn sprinkled with stars and pop rocks! It’s a party in your mouth with its popping sweet goodness.

8. Star-Spangled Ice Cream Sandwich

4th of July Desserts

We’ll take an ice cream sandwich anytime! But a star-spangled one makes it even more special! One that’s beaming with pride – one of the 4th of July recipes that’s perfect for those patriotic moments we come together to celebrate! 

9. Freedom Bars

4th of July Desserts

These rice Krispies treat have been dipped in American pride that’s made of white chocolate and star sprinkles! Easy, fourth of July dessert ideas that you can make for your 4th of July party!

10. Knots about Red, White, and Blue

4th of July Desserts

Pretzels just got an American makeover! Drizzled in red, white, and blue! It’s the yummy Fourth of July recipes to add to your menu. These are perfect to give to your guests to take home too! Put them in treat bags or jars and label them with pride!

11. The American Pie

4th of July Desserts

This pizza is the ultimate American dessert. Serve it with pride as one of your 4th of July food at your BBQ party.

Creating a Dessert Menu for your 4th of July Desserts and Sweet Treats?

How about making patriotic cupcakes? Get inspired by our Pink Cupcake Decorating Party. Have your own 4th of July desserts with a “Make Your Own Dessert” activity for your kids. Just make sure you’ve got those stars and stripes and all those goodies in red, white, and blue too!

Want to Label Your Patriotic Desserts?

Making these patriotic desserts for the 4th of July, Memorial Day, or Veterans Day? You’ll want to use labels to make it look fun and appropriate for your American Holiday. We’ve got chalkboard labels you can use to decorate your food and desserts. We’ve also got wine labels and beer labels that are perfect for all your celebrations! The best part? These are all made in the USA and shipped super fast. You’re going to love them!