4th of July Outfits: DIY Outfits For The Whole Family

Stars and Stripes and Everything Nice

10 DIY 4th of July Outfits For the Whole Family and Your Pets

Don your stars and stripes into your 4th of July Outfits for every family member! And yes that includes your fur babies! Here are 10 DIY 4th of July Outfits complete with shoes and accessories that are super easy to make. Sparkle and Fly this 4th of July! 

1.  Brave Stars

4th of July Outfits

These DIY 4th of July shirts are so cute to make for your kids. Make them wear it loud and proud!

2. Red, White and Beautiful!

Create these cute Fourth of July outfits for your little one. It’s super easy to make this bandana skirt. You can even match a tank top with a bandana star cutout to match!

3. Pocketful of Freedom

4th of July Outfits

Isn’t this a cute pocket tee? They’re super simple and easy to make. You can make these your Fourth of July shirts for the whole family. Just grab your white shirts and cut out these red, white, and blue pockets and sew them on. 

4. American Denim

4th of July Outfits 

Got some old denim shorts or jeans? Paint them in stars and stripes to make 4th of July outfits for women. Perfect to match with any white tank top or shirt!

5. Freedom Stripes

4th of July Outfits

Got old red, white and blue shirts? Turn then into this braided headband to complete your 4th of July outfit. Now you’re ready to strut to your 4th of July celebrations!

6. Flag Sneakers

4th of July Outfits

Show your pride and wear it on your feet! These DIY American Flag-inspired sneakers will be super awesome for your Fourth of July Clothes!

7. Patriotic Sunnies

4th of July Outfits

Here to celebrate US-Yaaay with these stylish patriotic sunnies! Match them with your 4th of July t-shirts! 

8. Splatter On Freedom 

4th of July Outfits

Get your whole family to do these super easy DIY outfits as your Fourth of July T-shirts. Splatter on those red and blue paint on your white shirts and you’ve got this fun and stylish outfit that’s 4th of July ready!

9. Pawsome and Bold Stripes

4th of July Outfits

Pets are family too. Get your doggo dressed up in a DIY patriotic tie-dye Fourth of July shirt. You know they’re there for the BBQ. 

10. Purrfect Bright Star

4th of July Outfits

Of course, cats are fur-ever family too! Make them this DIY bandana and they’ll show you how to sparkle like the stars!

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