10 DIY Easter Egg Designs For Kids

Easter Egg Designs That Kids & Grown Ups Will Love

These Easter egg designs will make you all giddy and egg-cited to have an egg-straordinary Easter. We are thrilled to help you get ready with this list of easy Easter egg decorating ideas that will surely make your kids egg-static!

1. DIY Paper Flower Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Designs

With plastic or dyed eggs, just glue some bright colored paper flower cutouts and tadaaaa! You got your super cute plastic easter eggs ready for a fun Easter Egg hunt!

2. Neon Sticker Eggs

Easter Egg Designs

Create fun patterns with neon polka dot stickers on plain white eggs. Easter egg decorations without dyeing, cutting or gluing means no mess! Happy bunnies we mean mommies!

3. Color Blocked Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Designs

Have you been dye-ing to get your hands into some Easter Egg Coloring this year? Color blocking and DIY -Dipping designs give eggs a modern and chic look on both white and brown eggs.

4. Gradient Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Designs

Can’t get enough of coloring for your Easter egg ideas? Do a gradient look that’s perfect for egg hunting or even great for making your home Easter ready!

5. Baby Chick Easter Egg

Easter Egg Designs

How adorable are these cute baby chick eggs? Have your kids create their own Easter Egg Drawing on dip-dyed eggs using their favorite markers. Such a fun and easy egg decorating activity!

6. DIY Gold Leaf Easter Egg

Easter Egg Decorations

Eager for Easter? Make golden DIY Easter Decorations that look luxurious yet they’re super easy to make. You’ll be amazed at how budget friendly these decorations are!

7. Dip-Dyed Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Designs

Want to create Easter eggs that are to dye for? Teach your kids how to dye Easter eggs as a fun Easter activity. Too cute, you may want to keep and eat them too!

8. Ice Cream Cone Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Designs

Easter egg coloring is also another way of creating cute Easter eggs. Still super easy and affordable to make yet so adorable that your kids will want to keep them forever.

9. DIY Easter Egg Surprise

Easter Egg Designs

Surprise! Surprise! We got this super cool and awesome Easter egg that is perfect as Easter treats or giveaways and makes for super cute home decor too!

10.  Otomi-Print Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Designs

If you and your kids love to draw on your Easter eggs as a tradition, you may want to try Otomi style prints as your new, fun and creative Easter decorations. They’re so nice that you may want to use them again next year!

Love These Easter Egg Designs? 

We hope this list we compiled for you got you super hyped up for Easter. Get ready for Easter with these more Easter inspiration here on our blog. You can find more egg-citing activities here. Happy Easter Egg decorating!

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