25 Pretend Play Ideas

Pretend Play Ideas To Make Long Weekends Even More Fun

Do you have kids that love to pretend play? Pretend play is great for their imagination and develops vital social, language, thinking, and emotional skills.

Here are some great pretend play ideas you should try:

1. Cardboard Cubby

pretend play

Why not turn some old cardboard boxes into a cubby house, decked with windows & a postbox like this one!

2. Story Stones

pretend play

If your child loves making stories up, why not paint some pictures on stones & see what great stories they can come up with!

3. Tape Town

So easy to recreate with removable tape, create a town complete with buildings and roads where your child can drive their cars around on. 

4. Superhero Town

pretend play

Create a town complete with buildings for your superheroes and villains to live and fight their battles.

5. Fairy Wings

pretend play

Little girls love to pretend they are fairies! Make a set of wings out of cardboard & let her paint, glue, stick, or color in her wings.

6. Pet Hotel

pretend play

Using a crate or box, fill them with mailing tubes to make a pet hotel where your child’s stuffed toys can live. Your child can be the hotel manager!

7. Shops

pretend play

For the little one that loves to play shops, create any type of shop with cube shelves and props.

8. Kindergarten Kitchen

pretend play

It’s amazing what you can transform out of a cardboard box like this kitchen stove! You can even build a whole kitchen complete with a fridge, microwave, sink & shelves from cardboard boxes!

9. All Aboard!

pretend play

Argh me hearties! It’d be time for some pirating fun!

10. Class Act

pretend play

Using an old shoebox, this school for lego figurines looks easy to whip up.

11. Build It!

pretend play

This construction scene looks like it will offer loads of fun for the budding builders!

12. You’ve Got Mail!

pretend play

If you have a child that loves writing letters and sorting, a family post office station might be the perfect play station.

13. Something Fishy!

pretend play

Pretend playing isn’t only fun, it can teach little ones motor and letter recognition skills. Create an alphabet fishing game with a laundry basket, paper clip fishes & fishing rod with a magnet.

14. Miniature Worlds

pretend play

Miniature worlds are so much fun! There are so many scenes you can create, like this dinosaur one. Hours of fun for little ones.

15. ATM

pretend play

Kids love to re-enact adult life, even simple things like going to the ATM.

16. Cash Register

pretend play

Make this cash register for your imaginary shop and let your kids learn all about numbers and quantities.

17. Cooking

pretend play

If you have a budding chef, let them (pretend to) cook dinner for their little friends.

18. Bed

pretend play

Make this easy cardboard bed so that your child can put their doll or stuff toys to sleep. Great to nurture big brother or sister skills before the new arrival!

19. Turtle

pretend play

Do you have a child that loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? This easy dress-up might be what they need to fight their future battles.

20. TV

pretend play

Is it every child’s dream to star in their own TV show or was it just mine?

21. Pony Land

pretend play

Scenes can be so easily recreated with paint and old cardboard boxes like this My Little Pony rainbow scene.

22. Doctors & Patients

pretend play

Using an old cereal box, turn it into a doctors kit. Your child will love pretending to be a doctor.

23. Mermaid Tails

pretend play

What a cute idea to turn some figurines into mermaids with playdoh mermaid tails decorated with stones & gems.

24. Jetpack

pretend play

Using old drink bottles to make a jetpack, your little one will fly from one adventure to the next.

25. Super Hero Cuffs

pretend play

Have hours of fun with these superhero cuffs made from toilet rolls.

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