How To Make Toys- Caterpillar Toys

How To Make Toys

Caterpillar Felt Ball Fun

Wondering how to make toys with your kids? These colorful felt balls are fantastic to use for a lot of craft ideas. There are rugs, coasters, and centerpieces made out of these, so we thought we’d teach you how to kame toys for kids out of them too. In fact, there are so many crafts that you can do with your little ones using these felt balls and some pipe cleaners; This cute caterpillar is just the beginning.

Items you will need for this How To Make Toys Activity:

1.  Felt balls

2. Needle and thread

3. Pipe cleaners

4. Self-adhesive eyeballs

how to make toys

For the body of this DIY Caterpillar toy, we will use the felt balls that will be held together by thread. Chop down the pipe cleaners for the caterpillar legs. You might like tiny little short legs, or super duper long legs… that’s totally up to you.

Here’s How You Do It:

how to make toys

Tie a knot at the end of your thread and push the needle & thread through each felt ball to create your caterpillar body. Add more felt balls to make it longer, or mix it up with a few different sized felt balls to create a really unique caterpillar.

how to make toys

For the cute crawly legs, tie the pipe cleaners around the felt to make toys

Get the self-adhesive eyeballs and stick them onto the caterpillar’s head to bring him to life.

how to make toys

Tada! Isn’t it cute? They’re so colorful and they’re super easy to make.

how to make toys

Plus, you can encourage your kids to make their caterpillar some friends. Make more of thess and enjoy a whole family of adorable DIY caterpillar toys.

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