Make Cute Recycled Robots

Recycled Robots- Easy to Make

How cute and quirky are these recycled robots, right? Make recycling for kids a fun activity and an opportunity to teach them how they can be creative and resourceful by repurposing items instead of throwing them away. All you need are some bits and bobs from around the house. The best part is, it doesn’t cost you anything to make them. 

Recycled Robots

What you will need for your Recycled Robots:

An empty tin

Bits and bobs for features – bolts, pins, screws, bottle caps, washers, and more

Glue gun

How to make cute Recycled Robots:

Wash and dry an old can and make sure it’s safe for the kids to handle (no sharp edges)

Recycled Robots

Recycled Robots

Make Your Recycled Robot’s Features

Add arms, a nose, eyes, hair, and any other fun accessories you would like your little robot toy to have. Stick them on using a hot glue gun. Make it colorful! Go crazy and wild with your recycled robots. You can even make their hands and feet move too if you want. 

Recycled Robots

This is one of those recycling projects for kids that will inspire your little ones’ creativity and imagination. Display your kids’ recycled robots in their rooms to remind them of just how clever they are.

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You could make these DIY robots a part of your Halloween this year! Check out more awesome projects in our list of Halloween Arts and Crafts for kids. And don’t forget to have fun!


Recycled Robots

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