Easy Easter Crafts For Kids: DIY Fun Crafts


Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

10 DIY Fun Crafts for Kids This Easter 

Easy Easter Crafts for kids is an awesome way to get their creativity flowing. Make it more exciting this Easter with these DIY fun crafts for kids. These will surely get them in a party mood for Easter.

1. Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

This paper plate bunny craft is so adorable. They’re perfect pieces that you can add to your Easter decor at home. You only need a few of your art supplies and you’ll be ready to craft with your littles. 

2. Foam Cup Bunnies

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

 Making Easter bunny crafts with your kids? Add these foam cup bunnies to your list of Easter crafts to do this year. They’re super easy to make and your little ones will be happy to keep them as cute toys too!

3. Easter Masks

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Get your kids in the mood for some fun by making an Easter bunny mask. Instead of bunny costumes, why not make these brown sack masks for your kids? You can also make other animal masks too! Fuss-free and easy to store after. 

4.  Easter Egg Straws

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Want to personalize your little ones’ cute Easter snacks and drinks? Have your kids create their own Easter egg designs with their names on them. Then slip them into cute and colorful straws for an instant Easter party vibe! 

5. Bunny Party Hats

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

What’s an Easter party without a party hat?  Make a bunny hat with some colored paper, markers, and some twine. Let your kids create their own cute Easter bunny designs. This will absolutely get them into party mode. 

6. Easter Candy Holders

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Easter treats always get kids crazy over Easter.  This candy holder is a nice way to surprise them with their favorite Easter candy. They even make cute Easter puppets too! 

7. Paper Easter Bunnies

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Making bunnies is one of those paper easter crafts that are easy to make! They’re super affordable too. With just paper, glue, and eggs, your kids can get busy for Easter with this super fun craft time with you.

8. Pom Pom Bunnies

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Aren’t these the cutest bunnies you’ve ever seen? You should definitely make pom pom crafts with your kids and have these bunnies hopping into your Easter baskets. They make cute toys and Easter decor too!

9. Easter Candy Huggers

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Have your kids make these candy huggers and give them an Easter candy for their cute Easter craft. The best part? The big hugs and kisses you’ll get from your littles!

10. Bunny Paper Plate Purse

Easy Easter Crafts for Kids

Bag your kids’ Easter goodies in this paper plate craft. Be extra creative and make cute Easter bunny designs. Embellish with materials you can find at home. They’ll want to have this bag for keeps!

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Want To Personalize Your Easter Crafts?

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