How To Meal Prep: Easy Meal Planning Tips

Meal Prep Tips For  Busy Parents

Prep your daily family meals with these Easy Meal Prep Ideas to get you through the week. It’s meal planning made easy! If you haven’t tried it, here’s why you should:

The Benefits:

  • Healthier Option than grabbing fast food especially on busy days
  • Fuss-free meals cooked super fast – Grab, Heat, and Go!
  • Well-portioned meals = less food waste

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How To Meal Prep?

Want to make meal planning interactive for the whole family? Grab this Chalkboard Panel where you can write down and plan out the week’s menu. Anyone with special requests can just grab a White Chalk Marker and jot it down. Remember to check your family’s schedule to know which days you only need to prep for. There might be days you’ll all be out for the weekend, so there’s no need to have meals prepped.

Chalkboard Panel

What’s Next?

Check your kitchen and pantry for your ingredients. Create a shopping list and write all the things you need to buy for your week or month’s worth of meals. Consider your schedule and budget. When you’ve got everything listed down, it’s time for your groceries and market run!

Prep Up!

Schedule to do your meal prepping for half to a whole day. Get yourself and your cooking tools ready! Post your menu plan on your fridge and use it as a guide to see which ones you’ll need to prepare first. Then have your containers ready too. Everything should be clean and dry.

Make sure your kitchen or prep table is organized so you can quickly grab anything you need like spices and herbs, condiments, etc. Then let the cooking fest begin. When you’re done, cool down everything you’ve cooked before sealing them with their covers.

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Store and Label!

Choose the best reusable and freezable containers for your meals. Don’t forget to use dry erase labels as your meal labels. Remember to put the date and if it’s cooked or just frozen. Add a name to the meal pack if it’s for someone in the family with a special diet or allergies. Store in chiller or freezer.

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Easy Meal Prep Recipes

We’ve got a few meal prep recipes you can check out below:

Freezable Friendly Meals

On The Go Meals

Weekly Meal Prep 

Meal Preps Made Easy

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