Christmas Survival Kit: The Best Christmas Morning Hack Ever

The Ultimate Christmas Morning Hack Parents Will Love!

Dreaming of a perfectly happy and peaceful Christmas morning? We do, too! That’s why this Christmas Morning Survival Kit is the best Christmas Morning Hack ever! You’ll definitely thank us later. Get your arsenal ready, so you and your family can celebrate a festive Christmas morning–clutter-free!

Jumbo Christmas Stockings

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What Is It?

A box, a basket, or any container that holds all the essentials you’ll need to cut, tape, and pack away gifts wrappers, toys, and more!

What’s In It and What Are They For?

  1. Pair of scissors and other cutting tools – cut open packages and undo zip ties
  2. Batteries in all sizes – for anything and everything battery-operated
  3. Tool kit with screwdrivers, Allen key set, etc – handy tools for toys
  4. Sandwich bags – where tiny parts and pieces should go, so you don’t lose them! Remember to label!
  5. Garbage bags – for discarded gift wrappers
  6. Tapes – to seal, secure, and put together things
  7. Sticker labels – to label everything that needs to be properly labeled

Image Credits: Confessions Of An Overworked Mom Blog

More Christmas Morning Survival Hacks:

Use Christmas Jumbo Santa Sacks to store all those unwrapped presents. Aside from keeping the mess at bay, it saves you the trouble mixing up their toys and gifts, too! They make instant and practical personalized toy storage!

You can also use your laundry basket or storage bins to do this. Instantly pack away everything in one go!

Parent Hack: Use dry erase labels for each storage bin or basket with their name and assign a spot or corner where they can unwrap their gifts. Mom, Dad, you’re a genius!!!

Jumbo Santa Sacks

Image Credits: Instagram @living_the_blessed_life

Prepare a quick and easy breakfast. 

Here are some make-ahead Christmas brunch ideas to feast on and enjoy with the whole family!

Check out more ideas to keep you relaxed and away from the mess:

  • Coffee, Tea, or Cocoa – get these ready early so you have overflowing drinks prepared for yourselves, kids, and guests
  • Paper plates and cups so there’s no need to wash anything after
  • Tray or bin where everyone just places their used plates, glasses, and cutleries to keep them off the table and neatly stacked near the sink instead.
  • Sippy cups and travel mugs – avoid any spills on their presents, clothes, and carpet, or floor. No possible mess to clean up after too!

Image Credits: My Life and Kids Blog

Christmas Morning Playlist

Have a fun and bright cheerful moment with your family with a Christmas playlist to the holiday mood. No time to create your own playlist? Just open Spotify or Youtube and have their own Top Christmas songs on loop!

Thank you Cards

Write your Thank you Cards on the spot for every present that you open. This way you make sure everyone is acknowledged for their gifts, thoughts, and gestures.

Christmas Family Photo 

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  • Coordinated PJs – wear the night before so when everyone wakes up to open presents, their clothes are perfectly coordinated for nice photos to be taken
  • Fully Charged camera or phone
  • Camera stand – so everyone is in the photo; don’t forget to set your camera timer

Parent Hack: Take a nice family photo in advance so you can have them ready for posting and printing. Sometimes Christmas morning can get too busy so planning this ahead is a good idea!

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