Craft Room Organization: Ikea Hacks For Craft Rooms

Craft Room Organization: Ikea Hacks To Organize A Craft Room

Have you been spending some time searching for ideas for Craft Room Organization? We found these cool Ikea hacks from Lisa Allen that she’s shared with Moms and Bright Star Kids!

Make your Momlife super easy and organized with these Ikea hacks for your dream craft room!

Craft Room Organization

1. Ikea PegBoard

Putting it all up on this Ikea Skadis pegboard is a dream! Hook up your craft supplies and see them all at the same time. Genius!

2. Ikea PegBoard Attachments

Lisa Allen got these Ikea hooks, shelves, holders, and clips to attach to the craft room pegboard. Everything is neatly displayed and organized. Perfect idea for a DIY Craft room. 

3. Ikea Boxes

All other craft supplies are placed in an open craft storage box.  Easy to grab and craft away! She even got those boxes with lids to hide away clutter and prevent dust. Love her craft room storage ideas! These Ikea Sockerbit and Kuggis boxes are a must when you are looking at how to organize a craft room!

The easiest way to perfectly organize all these Ikea hacks is by putting labels in all of your craft storage boxes and containers! Our chalkboard labels are perfect with these! Use our white chalk marker to easily erase and rewrite what’s inside of your craft boxes. 

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