Kids Closet Organizer: How To Organize Kids Clothes

Kids Closet Organizer: Closet Space Saver Tips and Organization Ideas

Find the perfect Kids Closet Organizer for your kids’ clothes. Here are 11 DIY Kids Closet Organizer Ideas to store and arrange their clothes neatly!

1. Clothing Tiers

Kids  Closet Organizer

A great idea in organizing a shared kids closet is by assigning each level of drawer or side of the cabinet with labels! This way they’ve got their own space dedicated for their own clothes. 

2. Wardrobe Baskets

Kids  Closet Organizer

One of the clever kids closet organization ideas you can do is use tubs and baskets in your kids’ closet. These keep the clutter out of sight and clothes neatly organized! 

3. Daily Clothes Organizer

Kids  Closet Organizer

A hanging weekday clothes organizer helps you plan out their clothes for the week so they don’t have to mess up the rest of their clothes. This also makes your kids less dependent on you when dressing up.

4. Hanging Color Coded Organizers

Kids  Closet Organizer

Put a kids hanging clothes organizer to save some space in their closet. A color-coding system keeps their clothes neatly arranged. Now that’s totally eye-candy, moms! 

5. Daily Outfit Tags

Kids  Closet Organizer

Use this DIY kids weekly clothes organizer to label their outfits assigned to each day of the week. Prepare their outfits in advance so you save time on dressing up. Less effort, less stress! 

6. DIY Wooden Rack

Kids  Closet Organizer

Another idea on how to organize kids clothes is by having this simple DIY clothes rack for your kids’ capsule wardrobe. Looks neat and simple but super functional!

7. Fabric Cubes Organiser

Kids  Closet Organizer

The best way to organize kids clothes is by having these DIY Fabric Cubes. Put labels on each of them to easily identify what they contain. It’s a cool idea of keeping everything neatly stored! 

8. DIY Closet Divider Rings

Kids  Closet Organizer

These closet dividers are the best way to organize kids closet especially when they have a lot of clothes. It just keeps the clothes separate by type or you can even do it by size too!

9. Soda Tab Organizer

Kids  Closet Organizer

Concerned about closet space? This kids organizer for clothes hack is a brilliant space saver! With just a simple soda tab, you can hang together and layer kids’ clothing so you can maximize their closet.

10.  Baskets with Chalkboard Labels 

Kids  Closet Organizer

Baskets with wardrobe labels are the perfect DIY kids clothes organizer. It keeps them from looking cluttered as they are arranged and labeled accordingly. 

11. Chalkboard Drawers

Kids  Closet Organizer

Here’s an easy how-to-organize kids clothes in drawers idea! Label each drawer using chalk. Have each drawer labeled according to the type of clothing. No more second-guessing which drawer to get or put clothes back in!

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