Screen-free Games For Kids

Screen-free Games For Kids

Fun Games Away From The Screen

Want some games for kids that will take their attention away from the screen? Get your arts & craft materials ready for this handy list of fun games for kids! You and your little ones will definitely enjoy creating and playing at the same time. 

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1) Cute Shoebox Theatre

It’s time to do some storytelling with your little ones. This is one of those fun indoor games that involves creating characters out of sticks, a shoebox, and some pieces of paper. Light up the backdrop of the mini-stage to make it look more interesting.

2) DIY Cardboard Memory Game

Enhance your little one’s memory skills with DIY cardboard games like this. This is one of those learning games for kids that’s easy to create & will have them using their brain for hours. Plus, you’ll have a good laugh at those times when you forget where the other pair is!

3) Lego Chess Board

Lego is definitely still on the list of fun games for kids even decades after its rise to popularity. Use your lego to build clever Indoor games like this chessboard. It will help to develop your child’s brain in magical ways – from memory to concentration. Create learning games for kids like this and you’ll see how they do wonders for your child’s development.

Games For Kids

4) Carnival Games

Stepping away from the screen will give your kids the opportunity to explore the outdoors a little more. These carnival games are easy and fun to do with your little ones. So go out where you can build outdoor games and enhance your kids’ motor skills and concentration.

Games For Kids

Love these screen-free activity ideas?

We hope this handy list of fun screen-free games for kids gave you an idea on how to get your kids away from their iPad. If you have activities like these, feel free to share them, and don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and on Instagram.

Looking for more screen-free game ideas?

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